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About Al Ehsan Academy


At Al Ehsan Academy, we are a dedicated and independent institution managed by a group of committed professionals. Our mission is to provide an inclusive learning platform where individuals from all walks of life can come together to study the holy Quran and understand the commandments of Islam. We believe in embracing diversity and welcoming everyone, regardless of their race, color, or caste, to join us on this enlightening journey.

Al Ehsan Academy Best Online Quran Academy For Kids and Adults

Why Choose Al Ehsan Academy?

  • Inclusive Learning: We prioritize creating a supportive environment that welcomes students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Quranic Teachings: Our primary focus is on imparting the teachings of the holy Quran, enabling students to deepen their understanding of Islam.
  • Personalized Attention: We ensure equal attention to every student, offering one-to-one sessions for personalized learning.
  • Convenient Timings: Our flexible scheduling options cater to the busy lifestyles of our students, making it easier for them to pursue their studies.
  • Holistic Approach: We aim to equip our students with the fundamental principles of our religion, fostering a stronger Ummah and promoting positive change in the world.

Al Ehsan Academy: Your Second Family


At Al Ihsan Academy, we consider ourselves your second family. Our role at the academy goes beyond simply providing educational classes and courses. Our primary interest lies in religious teachings and protecting your children and family from the influences of Western culture. We take into account the student in his various aspects, and we pay special attention to his intellectual and psychological aspects. We are here because we are not just teachers and students, we consider ourselves your second family that you can trust.

Best Quran and Arabic Teaching Materials

Best Quran and Arabic Teaching Materials

Surah Institute’s curricula are developed to combine understanding and memorizing of the Quran enabling our students to experience a pleasant accompany of the Words of Allah.

Professional Native Arabic Tutors from al-Azhar

Professional Native Arabic Tutors from al-Azhar

We only accept Online Native Arabic Tutors certified from al-Azhar with Ijazah.
They also must be Fluent in English.

Female Quran Tutors on-demand

Female Quran Tutors on-demand

Let us know if you prefer a Female Quran Tutor for your Family (Kids and Sisters).

Learn Quran in Multi-languages Available

Learn Quran in Multi-languages Available

Learn Quran Online in your native tongue, If you want to study using a language other than English.

Friendly Teaching Environment for Kids

Friendly Teaching Environment for Kids

Our online Quran and Arabic Quran classes for kids are kids friendly as it is based on playing, rewards, encouragement ..etc.

247 Flexible Schedule for your family

24/7 Flexible Schedule

Learn Arabic & Quran online according to your country’s time zone. It is super flexible according to your families' free times.

Our courses

Our courses at Al Ehsan Academy are considered an integrated source for learning the Arabic language, Islamic studies, and the Holy Quran. These courses aim to provide students with the necessary skills to understand and use the Arabic language with confidence, understand Islamic beliefs and teachings, and read and recite the Holy Qur’an with correct recitation and contemplation.


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Islamic Studies

Islamic studies