What are the provisions of the Holy Quran?


The rulings are what make a person read the Qur’an with ease and comfort.


Why the provisions?

Now the Qur’an was revealed from God on the tongue of our master Gabriel, and he was teaching the Prophet the Qur’an, so God Almighty said, “Indeed, you will receive the Qur’an from London, Wise and All-Knowing.” The Qur’an was revealed to our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. He was receiving it from our master Gabriel, the Trustee of the Revelation of Heaven. In this course, we study the rulings. Which makes a person read easily, just as the Qur’an was revealed to our master Muhammad, in which the student learns what the rulings are carefully and explores them. We mention, for example, the rulings that are divided into several sections, including the rulings on the silent noon, which are four rulings on the halqiyyah: It is called halqiyya because its letters are pronounced from the throat, and its letters are “ayn,” “ghin,” “kha,” “hamz,” and “ha.” If the nun is consonant and is followed by letters from these six letters, we show the nun and read it as a natural nun. The second ruling is assimilation: which means insertion, that is, we insert a consonant letter into a vowel letter so that they become one stressed letter. Its letters are also six letters grouped in the word (Yarmulun), which is of two types, a section in which we assimilate. The two letters, and we bring a ghannah and a section. We insert the consonant letter into the vowel without bringing a ghannah, and after it is the third rule, which is the inversions: which is the inversion of the sakana nūn, a mima, and its letter is only a b. And the fourth ruling, which is the true concealment: which is that we hide the nūn, and bring a ghannah, and its letters are fifteen letters (sa – dha – th – K – J – Sh – Q – S – D – T – Z – F – T – D – Z) Which is if the sakana nūn comes and is followed by one of these letters, we hide the sakana nūn.
All of these rulings that we teach to students who want a course on rulings and rulings are among the matters that every Muslim, male and female, must learn in order to read the Qur’an to the fullest extent. Because Ibn Masoud, may God be pleased with him, when one of his companions read to him the words of God Almighty: “Alms are only for the poor,” he recited them without To extend six vowels in his speech to the poor, and Ibn Masoud said to him, “The Messenger of God did not recite it like this.” He said to him, “How did the Prophet recite it?” so he said to him, “With the extension.” That is, these rulings were taught by the Prophet to the honorable companions so that they would recite the Qur’an in the most complete manner, and why not, since it is the speech of the One, the All-Powerful. This speech or this Qur’an does not come to falsehood from before it or behind it. These rulings were passed down to us from the time of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, at the hands of our honorable sheikhs. Until it has reached us, it behooves us to learn it, which is the most noble of sciences, and praise it and honor it, because through it you learn how to read the Book of God Almighty.