Foundation course in Arabic language


At this stage, the student’s knowledge of the letters of the Arabic alphabet is determined, which begin with the letter (alif) and end with the letter (yaa). If we find that he knows some of the letters, we complete them for him in full until he masters them, and then he moves to the next stage, which is knowing the movements that are placed on the letter, which are an example: (( Fatha – Kasra – Damma – Sukoun – Tanween) and other vowels and formations that are placed on the Arabic letters so that he can master them and master them well so that he can read correctly. The student who knows some letters from the book (Read and Learn) studies it, which is divided into four levels and is studied for the student. perfect .
As for the student who cannot know the letters at all, we start with him from the book Nour Al-Bayan or Al-Qaida Al-Nouraniyyah so that we know him about the Arabic letters, their forms, and how to pronounce them correctly, from their correct exits for each letter, because each letter of the Arabic letters has an exit from a specific place, which we explain to the student applying to us, and we do not move on from the letter. To a letter unless we know and find that the student has mastered the previous letter until he completes the letters from (Alif) to (Ya) well and proficiently, mastering the Arabic letters. Then we move from the book Nour Al-Bayan or Al-Qaida Al-Nawarniyah to the levels of reading and learning at all levels. And most important of all is that Male and female teachers have the stamina to deliver information to the student, no matter how troublesome he is. Praise be to God, because they are graduates of the well-known and internationally accredited Al-Azhar University, as they present the information in an enjoyable way to children and also to the elderly who want to learn the Arabic language, so the foundation will be a solid foundation, and when we say that we have finished the foundation stage The one who has completed this stage can read from any position, regardless of the position in any book, since after this stage he can read from free reading, which is reading without formation, with ease and comfort.