In this course, the student is able to write any word in the Arabic language, no matter how difficult it is
How is that ?

After the student learns and is able to read the Arabic letters with ease and read the words and sentences that are written in front of him, he must write in his own words. It is his turn to write, so we deal with him as I explained now.
The student writes each letter several times until he is able to write when it is dictated to him, and so on for each of the Arabic letters from Alif to Z until he masters them all and they are smooth for him. Then we explain to him the shape of each letter when it is at the beginning of the speech, in the middle of the speech, and at the end of the speech because the letter They have shapes in the beginning, middle, and end of the word, so he learns them until he attaches the letters to each other until they form a word, and after he is able to put the word together, it will then be a sentence, and after that the student will move on to dictating by heart, because all that has been explained is for the student to see the words and transfer them in front of him in his notebook, then he will then dictate words to him. And letters first. If he writes fluently, he moves to dictation in sentences and dialogue. The teacher speaks in a dialogue and begins writing down the dialogue he hears from his teacher so that he can write anything dictated to him, no matter what the words are. If he finds a word that is difficult for him, the teacher tells him about it so that he learns it. In this way, the student is He finished this course and he is proficient in reading freely, that is, without diacritics, and even writing it as well.