Read quran online for non-native speaker "kids & adults"

On our website, Alehsan Academy, we provide the opportunity to read quran online and making it accessible and convenient for non-native speakers. We take pride in our unique feature, as our instructors and teachers are of excellent quality and possess high qualifications. With their certifications and extensive expertise, they are committed to delivering excellent education to readers of all ages.

Read quran online with us

we offer a range of online quran reading lessons. In addition, we provide excellent courses that ensure proper recitation of the Quran, even if English is your native language. We understand the potential challenges and strive to make it easy for you, also we provide this high quality courses:

These courses guarantee you a proper recitation of the Quran, thanks to our experienced teachers who are dedicated to facilitating your learning journey. They possess the expertise to ensure your success and make reading and memorizing quran easier for you.

Don’t worry about your kids

Don't worry about your kids we take care while learning them Quran

Don’t worry about teaching and memorizing Quran for children. We have an abundance of the best qualified male & female teachers who are experts in teaching children. They have ample experience in handling them and ensuring their progress in this journey.

and you can read more about quran course for kids from here.

Why you should take quran provisions course?

Quran provisions is the rulings that make a person read the Quran in the right and easy way, Therefore, we provide to you the best teachers to instruct you in the proper rules of Tajweed in the Quran. This ensures that you achieve a correct recitation of the Quran, even if English is your native language.

Read more about quran provisions course from here.

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Finally! You can now easily join us and familiarize yourself with our pricing plans that cater to everyone and suit their needs. Additionally, we have provided a free trial course that allows you to explore our features, so you can decide which ones you would like to continue with or if you prefer to cancel.

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